Cuckoo Trail

Since 1990, the Cuckoo Trail has been a leisure route used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

The 11 mile trail runs from Polegate to Heathfield and has a 3 mile extension to Shinewater Park, Eastbourne.

It passes through some of the districts most beautiful countryside and being mainly off-road it is suitable and safe for people of all ages and abilities.

The slight gradients and sloped access points make the Trail available to most mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

Did you know…

Opened in 1880, the Cuckoo Line was the Polegate to Eridge railway built by the London Brighton and South Coast Railway to prevent its rival, the South Eastern Railway, accessing the Eastbourne traffic.  It was named the Cuckoo Line after the tradition that the first cuckoo of spring was always heard at the Heathfield Fair.  In time it settled down to become a country railway carrying milk, coal, livestock and timber as well as passengers.

Cuckoo Challenge

Are you up to the challenge?

Whether you walk, cycle, ride for scoot along the trail – everyone is welcome to join the challenge.

Fill in the log book and once you have completed 100 miles we will send you your challenge certificate.

Email WDC’s wellbeing team for a copy of your cuckoo trail challenge

Cuckoo Trail Map

Explore the map! Click on one of the icons below to find out more about the Cuckoo Trail. 

Further information

For more information on the cuckoo trail users code, how to get to the cuckoo trail and much more, please go to the Wealden District Council website or the East Sussex County Council website.


Forest Way Country Park

The district is fortunate to have a further off-road trail, the ‘Forest Way Country Park’ running though the north of the district.

The Forest Way is situated in the heart of the beautiful East Sussex countryside. It is a 10-mile flat, surfaced track running along the entire length of the Park, providing easy access for disabled users and a great place for young children to learn to cycle in a traffic-free environment.

It runs from East Grinstead, though Forest Row to Groombridge and is used for walking, cycling, horse riding and the quiet enjoyment of the countryside. 

For further information on the Forest Way Country Park visit: